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As a part of a larger strategic planning effort, the Injury-Free NC team is conducting an assessment of the training and education needs of the North Carolina Injury and Violence Prevention (IVP) workforce. The first phase of this assessment collected data through an online survey, which closed on Friday, October 28 at 5pm. The second phase of the assessment will be collecting data through focus group interviews, which will begin in January 2023. The information gathered through this assessment will shape the future of Injury-Free NC programming so that it will be more responsive to the needs of IVP practitioners.

In general, IVP covers a broad array of topic areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Overdose prevention and harm reduction
  • Violence prevention (e.g., sexual violence, child abuse, and firearm violence)
  • Suicide prevention
  • Road safety (Motor vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle)
  • Brain injury, preventing burns and trauma, child safety

For the purposes of this assessment, we consider the IVP workforce to be anyone who contributes to the prevention of injury and violence in NC; even if that work is focused specifically on one IVP topic area or if IVP is only a portion of the overall scope of someone’s role.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the IFNC team at