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Strategic Plan

The purpose of Elevating Injury and Violence Prevention: A Strategic Plan for North Carolina (2015-2020) is to enhance injury prevention efforts in our state over the next five years. This plans also updates Building for Strength: North Carolina’s Strategic Plan for Preventing Injuries and Violence 2009-2014 and its 2012 Addendum.

Designed as a guide for any agency, organization, or individual working on injury and violence prevention in NC, this plan can be used to determine priorities, make funding decisions, and identify ways to coordinate with others in North Carolina working to accomplish a similar mission.

Access the plan here.


NC’s Opioid Action Plan 

The North Carolina’s Opioid Action Plan was launched in June 2017 by Governor Roy Cooper and community partners to combat the opioid crisis by reducing opioid overdoses and preventing the next wave of the epidemic. The plan was updated in June 2019 and includes strategies focused on prevention, harm reduction, and connections to care. The plan identifies impactful and feasible strategies that can be used by counties, coalitions, and stakeholders in the state to fight the opioid epidemic.

Access the plan here.


North Carolina Early Childhood Action Plan 

The North Carolina Early Childhood Action Plan provides a framework to achieve the goal of ensuring that all North Carolina young children from birth to age eight will be healthy; safe and nurtured; and learning and ready to succeed by 2025. The plan provides evidence, best practices, lessons learned, and improved analytics to help meet this goal, including addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) such as experiences of abuse or neglect.

Access the plan here.