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North Carolina Injury and Violence Prevention Branch Surveillance Unit

TheĀ Injury and Violence Prevention Branch Surveillance Unit maintains statewide injury and violence-related surveillance by providing emergency department, hospital discharge, and mortality data to monitor the incidence of and risk factors for fatal and nonfatal injury. They provide fact sheets on a variety of topics including, opioid-involved poisonings, prescription and drug overdoses, and suicide deaths in North Carolina. Follow this link to find more information and reports on other violence and injury topics.

North Carolina Violent Death Reporting System (NC-VDRS)

The NC-VDRS is a CDC-funded, state-wide surveillance system that collects detailed information on deaths that occur in NC resulting from homicide, suicide, unintentional firearm injuries, legal intervention and deaths for which the intent could not be determined. IPRC and the Injury and Violence Prevention Branch of the NC Department of Health and Human Services work together to optimize the usefulness of the NC-VDRS, bringing together university faculty, students, IVPB staff, and public health practitioners. The NC-VDRS began collecting data in January 2004.